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Volume 8   Number 1


Nest site selection and hatching success of hawksbill and loggerhead sea turtles (Testudines, Cheloniidae) at Arembepe Beach, northeastern Brazil
Thiago Zagonel Serafini, Gustave Gilles Lopez and Pedro Luís Bernardo da Rocha
Pages: 3-17   Full PDF

Oral bacterial microbiota and traumatic injuries of free-ranging Phrynops geoffroanus (Testudines, Chelidae) in southeastern Brazil
Bruno O. Ferronato, Thiago S. Marques, Franco L. Souza, Luciano M. Verdade, and Eliana R. Matushima
Pages: 19-25   Full PDF

Niche overlap and resource partitioning among five sympatric bufonids (Anura, Bufonidae) from northeastern Argentina
Marta I. Duré, Arturo I. Kehr and Eduardo F. Schaefer
Pages: 27-39   Full PDF

Kin discrimination in cannibalistic tadpoles of the Green Poison Frog, Dendrobates auratus (Anura, Dendrobatidae)
Heather M. Gray, Kyle Summers and Roberto Ibáñez D.
Pages: 41-50   Full PDF

Anuran artifacts of preservation: 27 years later
Jessica L. Deichmann, Jeff Boundy and G. Bruce Williamson
Pages: 51-58   Full PDF

  Short Communication

Reproduction in the Yellow-spotted night lizard, Lepidophyma flavimaculatum (Squamata, Xantusiidae), from Costa Rica
Stephen R. Goldberg
Pages: 59-62   Full PDF

  Book Reviews

Guía taxonómica de los anfibios de Cuba
By Ariel Rodríguez
Pages: 63-65   Full PDF

Introduction to the taxonomy of the amphibians of Kaieteur National Park, Guyana
By Ross D. MacCulloch
Pages: 67-68   Full PDF

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