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Volume 6   Number 1


Phyllomedusa Journal of Neotropical Herpetology
Jaime Bertoluci
Pages: 5-10   Full PDF


A striking new species of Anolis lizard (Squamata, Iguania) from Panama
Erik Hulebak1, Steven Poe1, Roberto Ibez 2,4, and Ernest E. Williams5
Pages: 5-10   Full PDF

Ecology of Alopoglossus angulatus and A. atriventris (Squamata, Gymnophthalmidae) in western Amazonia
Laurie J. Vitt1, Teresa Cristina S. vila-Pires2, Maria Cristina Espsito2, Shawn S. Sartorius1,4, and Peter A. Zani3
Pages: 11-21   Full PDF

A new species of the Eleutherodactylus lacrimosus assemblage (Anura, Brachycephalidae) from the lowland rainforest canopy of Yasuni National Park, Amazonian Ecuador
Shawn F. McCracken1,2, Michael R. J. Forstner1 and James R. Dixon3
Pages: 23-35   Full PDF

Nocturnal position in the Panamanian Golden Frog, Atelopus zeteki (Anura, Bufonidae), with notes on fluorescent pigment tracking
Erik D. Lindquist1,2, Scott A. Sapoznick2,3, Edgardo J. Griffith Rodriguez4, Peter B. Johantgen5, and Joni M. Criswell6
Pages: 37-44   Full PDF

Morphological variation in Leptodactylus lutzi (Anura, Leptodactylidae) with description of its advertisement call and notes on its courtship behavior
Philippe J. R. Kok1, Marcelo N. C. Kokubum2, Ross D. MacCulloch3, and Amy Lathrop3
Pages: 45-60   Full PDF

Visual and acoustic signaling in three species of Brazilian nocturnal tree frogs (Anura, Hylidae)
Lus Felipe Toledo1, Olvia G. S. Arajo1, Lorena D. Guimares2, Rodrigo Lingnau3, and Clio F. B. Haddad1
Pages: 61-68   Full PDF

  Short Communication

Coelomic helminths of five colubrid snake species (Serpentes, Colubridae) from Costa Rica
Stephen R. Goldberg1 and Charles R. Bursey2
Pages: 69-72   Full PDF

  Book Review

Lima, A. P., W. E. Magnusson, M. Menin, L. K. Erdtmann, D. J. Rodrigues, C. Keller, and W. Hdl. 2006. Guide to the Frogs of Reserva Adolpho Ducke
By Janalee P. Caldwell
Pages: 73-76   Full PDF

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