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Volume 5   Number 2


The relationship between nesting habitat and hatching success in Caiman latirostris (Crocodylia, Alligatoridae)
Juan Pablo Montini1, Carlos I. Pia1,2,3, Alejandro Larriera1,4, Pablo Siroski1 and Luciano M. Verdade3
Pages: 91-96   Full PDF

Geographic distribution and conservation status of Caiman latirostris (Crocodylia, Alligatoridae) in Uruguay
Claudio Borteiro1, Carlos Prigioni2, Jos Eduardo Garca3, Marcelo Tedros4, Francisco Gutirrez5 and Francisco Kolenc6
Pages: 97-108   Full PDF

Territory quality and male dominance in Tropidurus torquatus (Squamata, Tropiduridae)
Tiana Kohlsdorf1, Joana M. Ribeiro and Carlos A. Navas
Pages: 109-118   Full PDF

Karyotypes of eight species of Leptodactylus (Anura, Leptodactylidae) with a description of a new karyotype for the genus
Renata Ceclia Amaro-Ghilardi1,4, Gabriel Skuk2, Rafael O. de S3, Miguel Trefaut Rodrigues4 and Yatiyo Yonenaga-Yassuda1
Pages: 119-133   Full PDF

Reproductive ecology and behavior of Eleutherodactylus aureolineatus (Anura, Brachycephalidae) in the canopy of the Upper Amazon Basin, Ecuador
Shawn F. McCracken1 and Michael R. J. Forstner
Pages: 135-143   Full PDF

  Short Communications

Reproductive cycle of the salmon-bellied racer, Mastigodryas melanolomus (Serpentes, Colubridae), from Costa Rica
Stephen R. Goldberg
Pages: 145-148   Full PDF

Herpetofauna of the Argentinean Impenetrable Great Chaco
Federico Pablo Kacoliris1, Igor Berkunsky2, Jorge Williams1
Pages: 149-157   Full PDF

  Book Review

Turtles of the World. Vol. 3. Central and South America
Marinus S. Hoogmoed
Pages: 159-162   Full PDF

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