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Volume 5   Number 1


Obiturio: Marcos Di Bernardo (1963-2006)
Francisco L. Franco and Roberto E. Reis
Pages: 3-4   Full PDF

Obituary: Marcos Di Bernardo (1963-2006)
Axel Kwet
Pages: 5-7   Full PDF

Obituary: In Celebration of A. Stanley Rand
W. Ronald Heyer
Pages: 8-10   Full PDF


A new species of lizard genus Enyalius (Squamata, Leiosauridae) from the highlands of Chapada Diamantina, state of Bahia, Brazil, with a key to species
Miguel Trefaut Rodrigues1, Marco Antonio de Freitas2, Thais Figueiredo Santos Silva2, and Carolina Elena Via Bertolotto3
Pages: 11-24   Full PDF

Defense behavior and tail loss in the endemic lizard Eurolophosaurus nanuzae (Squamata, Tropiduridae) from southeastern Brazil
Conrado A. B. Galdino1, Emiliane G. Pereira2, Anglica F. Fontes1, and Monique Van Sluys1
Pages: 25-30   Full PDF

Exceptional diversity of Stefania (Anura, Cryptobatrachidae) II: Six species from Mount Wokomung, Guyana
Ross D. MacCulloch1, Amy Lathrop1 and Samir Z. Khan2
Pages: 31-41   Full PDF

A new species of Colostethus (Anura, Dendrobatidae) from French Guiana with a redescription of Colostethus beebei (Noble, 1923) from its type locality
Philippe J. R. Kok1, Ross D. MacCulloch2, Philippe Gaucher3, Erik H. Poelman4, Godfrey R. Bourne5, Amy Lathrop2, and Georges L. Lenglet1
Pages: 43-66   Full PDF

Feeding habits and their implications for the conservation of the endangered semiaquatic frog Atelognathus patagonicus (Anura, Neobatrachia) in a northwestern Patagonian pond
Mara Elena Cuello, Mara Teresa Bello, Marcelo Kun, and Carmen A. beda
Pages: 67-76   Full PDF

  Short Communications

Scanning electron microscopy of the oral apparatus and buccopharyngeal cavity of Atelognathus salai larvae (Anura, Neobatrachia)
Dinorah D. Echeverra1, Carmen A. beda2, and Nstor G. Basso3
Pages: 77-81   Full PDF

Helminths of the Brown-eared anole, Norops fuscoauratus (Squamata, Polychrotidae), from Brazil and Ecuador, South America
Stephen R. Goldberg1, Charles R. Bursey2 and Laurie J. Vitt3
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