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Volume 3   Number 1


A new species of coral snake (Serpentes, Elapidae) from the Sierra de Tamaulipas, Mexico
Pablo A. Lavin-Murcio and James R. Dixon
Pages: 3-7   Full PDF

Reproductive biology and diet of Liophis poecilogyrus poecilogyrus (Serpentes, Colubridae) from southeastern Brazil
Roberta R. Pinto and Ronaldo Fernandes
Pages: 9-14   Full PDF

Uma revisão sobre padrões de atividade, reprodução e alimentação de cágados brasileiros (Testudines, Chelidae)
A review on activity patterns, reproduction, and feeding habits of Brazilian chelid turtles (Testudines, Chelidae)
Franco L. Souza
Pages: 15-27   Full PDF

Estrutura populacional, tamanho e razão sexual de Podocnemis unifilis (Testudines, Podocnemididae) no rio Guaporé (RO), norte do Brasil
Population structure, size and sex ratio in Podocnemis unifilis (Testudines, Podocnemididae) in the Guaporé river (RO), northern Brazil.
Augusto Fachín-Terán and Richard C. Vogt
Pages: 29-42   Full PDF

Chromosomal characterization of Hyla bischoffi and Hyla guentheri (Anura, Hylidae)
Simone C. Raber, Klélia A. Carvalho, Paulo C. A. Garcia, Giovanni Vinciprova and Shirlei M. Recco-Pimentel
Pages: 43-49   Full PDF

Ecological aspects of the casque-headed frog Aparasphenodon brunoi (Anura, Hylidae) in a Restinga habitat in southeastern Brazil
Daniel Oliveira Mesquita, Gabriel Corrêa Costa and Mariana G. Zatz
Pages: 51-59   Full PDF

Reprodução de Pseudis minuta (Anura, Hylidae) no sul do Brasil
Reproduction of Pseudis minuta (Anura, Hylidae) in southern Brazil.
Janaine Melchiors, Marcos Di-Bernardo, Glaucia Maria Funk Pontes, Roberto Baptista de Oliveira, Mirco Sole e Axel Kwet
Pages: 61-68   Full PDF

  Short Communications

Sexual dimorphism, reproductive cycle, and fecundity of the water snake Ptychophis flavovirgatus (Serpentes, Colubridae)
Rodrigo R. Scartozzoni and Otavio A. V. Marques
Pages: 69-71   Full PDF

A case of communal nesting in the Neotropical snake Sibynomorphus mikanii (Serpentes, Colubridae)
Cristina España Albuquerque and Hebert Ferrarezzi
Pages: 73-77   Full PDF

Rediscovery of Hyophryne histrio (Anura, Microhylidae) in Atlantic Forest remnants of Bahia, northeastern Brazil
Marianna Dixo
Pages: 77-79   Full PDF

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