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Volume 16   Number 1


Natural history of the critically endangered salamander Ambystoma leorae (Caudata: Ambystomatidae) from the Río Tonatzin, Mexico
Julio A. Lemos-Espinal, Geoffrey R. Smith, Aline B. Estrella Zamora, Guillermo Woolrich-Piña, and Raymundo Montoya Ayala
Pages: 3-11  

Comparative longevity and age at sexual maturity in twelve rainforest frogs of the genera Boophis, Gephyromantis, and Mantidactylus (Anura: Mantellidae) from Madagascar
Giulia Tessa , Angelica Crottini, Cristina Giacoma, Fabio M. Guarino, Jasmin E. Randria­nirina, and Franco Andreone
Pages: 13-21  

A reassessment of the vocalizations of three species of Ololygon (Anura: Hylidae) from southeastern Brazil
Davi Lee Bang and Ariovaldo Antonio Giaretta
Pages: 23-45  

Advertisement and aggressive calls of Pithecopus azureus (Anura: Phyllomedusidae) from the border of Brazil and Paraguay
Isabelle Aquemi Haga, Thiago Ribeiro de Carvalho , Felipe Silva de Andrade and Ariovaldo Antonio Giaretta
Pages: 47-56  

Diet of Boana albopunctata (Anura: Hylidae) in an Atlantic Forest fragment of southeastern Brazil
Eduardo Oliveira Pacheco, Vanessa Gonçalves Ferreira , and Rose Marie Hoffmann de Carvalho
Pages: 57-62  

Baseline amphibian survey and sampling of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in the Icaco and Hormiga valleys, Patillas, Puerto Rico
Norman Greenhawk, Sara Zlotnik, Lauren Margaret Billy, Sam Boas, and Sara Gabel
Pages: 63-69  

Chondrocranium and internal oral morphology of the tadpole of Corythomantis greeningi (Anura: Hylidae)
Marianna Isabella Rosa Rodrigues de Oliveira, Luiz Norberto Weber, Rafael O. de Sá, Johnny Sousa Ferreira, Anna Evelin Coimbra Libório and André Masahide Guimarães Takazone
Pages: 71-80  

Performance and kinematics of saltation in the limbless lizard Ophisaurus attenuatus (Squamata: Anguidae)
Emma D. Wass and Gary W. Gerald
Pages: 81-87  

Development of thirty-four new microsatellite loci and multiplexing of seven existing loci for Zootoca vivipara (Squamata: Lacertidae)
Jose Luis Horreo, Maria Luisa Peláez, Teresa Suárez, Benoit Heulin, and Patrick Stefan Fitze
Pages: 89-96  

  Short Communications

Rediscovery of Centrolene solitaria (Anura: Centrolenidae) from Colombia
César Malambo , Junner F. González-Ibarra and Yudi C. Gomez-Polania
Pages: 97-99  

Notes on paternal behavior in Hyalinobatrachium glassfrogs (Anura: Centrolenidae)
Jesse Delia, Laura Bravo-Valencia and Roy W. McDiarmid
Pages: 101-107  

Parental care and altitudinal range extension of the endemic frog Bryophryne gymnotis (Anura: Craugastoridae) in the Andes of southeastern Peru
Luis Mamani M. Isabel Diaz James W. Ttito F. Peter Condori and Alex Ttito
Pages: 109-112  

Predation on the treefrog Scinax similis (Anura: Hylidae) by the orb-weaver spider Eriophora fuliginea (Araneae: Araneidae) in southeastern Brazil
Juliana Kirchmeyer Lucas Coutinho Amaral Alice Magaldi Renner Luiz Cerqueira Baptista and Sergio Potsch de Carvalho-e-Silva
Pages: 113-116  

Hind limb malformation in the tree frog Corythomantis greeningi (Anura: Hylidae)
Thiago Silva-Soares and Alexander T. Mônico
Pages: 117-120  

Molecular identification of Eremias stummeri (Squamata: Lacertidae) as a prey for Gloydius halys complex (Serpentes: Viperidae) from Kyrgyzstan
Daniel Jablonski and Daniel Koleska
Pages: 121-124  

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