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Volume 13   Number 1


A new species of Phymaturus of the P. mallimaccii Group from the Andes of central Chile (Iguania: Liolaemidae)
Jaime Troncoso-Palacios and Damien Esquerré
Pages: 3-15  

Temporal and ontogenetic variation in the escape response of Ameiva festiva (Squamata: Teiidae)
Matthew S. Lattanzio
Pages: 17-27  

Review of the geographic distribution of Micrurus decoratus (Jan, 1858) (Serpentes: Elapidae)
Rodrigo Castellari Gonzalez, Thiago Silva-Soares, Thiago Marcial de Castro and Renato Silveira Bérnils
Pages: 29-39  

Habitat heterogeneity and anuran community of an agroecosystem in the Pantanal of Brazil
Franco Leandro Souza, Fernando Ibanez Martins, and Josué Raizer
Pages: 41-50  

The utility of open-access biodiversity information in representing anurans in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest and Cerrado
Tiago S. Vasconcelos and Bruno T. M. Nascimento
Pages: 51-58  

Validity of photo-identification technique to analyze natural markings in Melanophryniscus montevidensis (Anura: Bufonidae)
Ernesto Elgue, Gisela Pereira, Federico Achaval-Coppes and Raúl Maneyro
Pages: 59-66  

  Short Communications

Advertisement call of Craugastor noblei: another calling species of the Craugastor gollmeri Group (Anura: Craugastoridae)
José Andrés Salazar-Zúñiga and Adrían García-Rodríguez
Pages: 67-70  

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