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Volume 11   Number 2


A new minute Andean Pristimantis (Anura: Strabomantidae) from Venezuela
César L. Barrio-Amorós, Juan Manuel Guayasamin, and S. Blair Hedges.
Pages: 83-93  

Inventory of color polymorphism in populations of Dendrobates galactonotus (Anura: Dendrobatidae), a poison frog endemic to Brazil
Marinus S. Hoogmoed and Teresa C. S. Avila-Pires
Pages: 95-115  

Annular bone growth in phalanges of five Neotropical Harlequin Frogs (Anura: Bufonidae: Atelopus)
Erik Lindquist, Michael Redmer, Emily Brantner
Pages: 117-124  

Temperature effect on the advertisement call of Pleurodema tucumanum (Anura: Leiuperidae)
Julián Alonso Valetti and Adolfo Ludovico Martino
Pages: 125-134  

Snakes of an urban-rural landscape in the central Andes of Colombia: species composition, distribution, and natural history
Julián Andrés Rojas-Morales
Pages: 135-154  

  Short Communications

Illegal trade on non-native amphibians and reptiles in southeast Brazil: the status of e-commerce
André Lincoln Barroso de Magalhães and Vinícius Avelar São-Pedro
Pages: 155-160   Full PDF

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