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Volume 1   Number 1


Jaime Bertoluci
Pages: 5-10   Full PDF

Phyllomedusa: posio taxonmica, hbitos e biologia (Amphibia, Anura, Hylidae)
Ulisses Caramaschi and Carlos Alberto Gonalves Cruz
Pages: 5-10   Full PDF

Variao entre filhotes de representantes do complexo Bothrops neuwiedi (Serpentes, Viperidae, Crotalinae)
Vincius Xavier
Pages: 11-30   Full PDF

Why do breeding frogs colonize some puddles more than others?
Paula Cabral Eterovick and Geraldo Wilson Fernandes
Pages: 31-40   Full PDF

Diel activity of the tadpoles of Hyla hylax (Anura: Hylidae) at Boracia, Southeastern Brazil
Jaime Bertoluci
Pages: 41-43   Full PDF

  Book Review

Tadpoles: the biology of anuran larvae
Jaime Bertoluci
Pages: 44-45   Full PDF

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